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6161 Description


Rust Inhibitor 6161

A drum of liquid concentrated rust inhibitor that gives corrosion protection.

A liquid concentrated rust inhibitor designed to provide corrosion protection to ferrous parts. Contains no hazardous components.  Click here for a detailed product description.


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DB Water Technologies, LLC Corrosion Inhibitor 6161 is a liquid concentrate designed for use in the final rinse of multistage parts washers. When used as directed, ferrous parts treated with formula 6161 will remain corrosion free during in-plant/in-process storage.


Physical State: Liquid
Color: Light Yellow
Density: 8.52 lbs./gallon
pH: 9.2


Dilute Corrosion Inhibitor 6161 to approximately a 2% level in the final stage of the washer. Allow parts removed from the washer to air dry in a low humidity area away from corrosive fumes. Corrosion free in-plant storage of parts for up to six months can be expected. For additional information on product application, contact your DB Water Technologies, LLC representative.


Corrosion Inhibitor 6161 is a mildly alkaline material. Do not take internally. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Should contact occur, flush immediately with large amounts of water. If any discomfort persists, seek medical attention. Read relevant Material Safety Data Sheet before handling this product.


Corrosion Inhibitor 6161 is packaged in 55, 30, and 15 gallon non-returnable drums.

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Did You Know...

Prevents rust during plant storage and processing.

Rust Inhibitor 6161 is great for preventing rust and corrosion!

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