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Specialty Cleaner 6150

Specialty Cleaner 6150 is an environmentally safe, water soluble, industrial strength solvent degreaser. Formula 6150 contains no petroleum distillates, chlorinates, acids, phosphates, silicates or caustic alkalis. It contains no pollutants, highly flammable or toxic ingredients that may be hazardous to personnel or the environment. Formula 6150 has a natural fresh citrus odor. It exhibits no choking aromatic fumes common to a petroleum derived product.


Physical State: Liquid
Color: Light yellow
Density: 8.06 lbs./gal.
pH: 10.8


Specialty Cleaner 6150 may be brushed, pressure sprayed, mopped or wiped on, or used in an immersion tank or recirculated system with equal effectiveness. Used in concentrated form or at various water dilution rates, formula 6150 will rapidly penetrate and lift the widest range of petroleum, animal and vegetable based soils, fats and greases which are then easily washed away by a water rinse.

Formula 6150 has the following dilution rates based on typical applications and may vary according to soil conditions and type of equipment used. For manual operation, dilute concentrate with water at 1:4 to 1:20. For pressure spray applications, dilute at 1:20. For tank immersion, mix 6150 concentrate with water at 1:4 to 1:10 depending on the degree of soil to be removed. For extremely soiled surfaces, use 6150 concentrated or diluted with up to three parts water. For additional information on product application, contact your industrial cleaners.com representative.

The oily contaminants in spent solutions will rise to the surface and separate when left in a still tank or holding pond. This oil can then be removed by top skimming to produce a bottom layer of clean biodegradable liquid cleaning solution which can be reused or flushed to the sewer if no longer needed.


Specialty Cleaner 6150 should be tested on aluminum surfaces before prolonged exposure as it may attack some aluminum alloys. Do not take internally. Care should be taken to avoid contact with skin and eyes. Should contact occur, flush area immediately with water. If any discomfort persists, consult a physician. Read relevant Material Safety Data Sheet before handling this product.


Specialty Cleaner 6150 is packaged in 55, 30, 15, and 5 gallon non-returnable containers.

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Did You Know...

Environmentally safe citric solvent degreaser.

Specialty Cleaner 6150 is great for heavy duty degreasing!

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