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4112 Description


System Cleaner 4112

A drum of polymers and fatty acid that cleans boilers and circulating systems.

A combination of polymers and fatty acid amides specifically designed to remove corrosion products, mud, sludge and slime from boilers and circulating water systems.  Click here for a detailed product description.


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System Cleaner 4112 is a combination of polymers and fatty acid amides specifically designed to remove corrosion deposits, mud, sludge, and slime from boilers and circulating water systems. Additionally, it provides corrosion protection to the cleaned metal surfaces prior to regular chemical treatment.


Physical State: Liquid
Color: Light amber
Density: 8.66 lbs./gal.
pH: 4.0


Boilers: System Cleaner 4112 can be used to remove iron oxide scale from off-line boilers prior to start up. The recommended dosage for most situations is one gallon of 4112 per 500 gallons of boiler water capacity. Formula 4112 should be added to the boiler in proper lay-up condition and the boiler water subsequently heated to 150-180 F to facilitate mixing. During the cleaning cycle, the boiler water should be heated to 150-180 F three times per week to improve cleaning. After a 3 to 6 week soak/cleaning period, the boiler should be drained and thoroughly flushed to remove suspended solids and sludge. The cleaned boiler should be immediately filled with water and treated with a quality water treatment program. Wet lay-up storage can be continued with proper chemical treatment.

Circulating Water Systems: Sludge, slime and iron oxide deposits can be cleaned from circulating water systems on-line using System Cleaner 4112. Formula 4112 should be added at a rate of one gallon per 1,000 of water in the system. The system should be bled off or flushed as the suspended and/or dissolved solids increase above acceptable operating levels. Additional 4112 should be added with the make-up water along with the normal chemical treatment program. The cleaning period will normally run 4 to 8 weeks depending on operating conditions and severity of deposits.

For additional information on product application, contact your industrial cleaners.com representative.


System Cleaner 4112 is an acidic material. Do not take internally. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Should contact occur, flush immediately with water. If any discomfort persists, seek medical attention. Read relevant Material Safety Data Sheet before handling this product.


System Cleaner 4112 is packaged in 55, 30, 15, and 5 gallon non-returnable drums.

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