3108 CID

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3108 Description


Industrial Paint Stripper 3108 CID

A drum of heavy duty industrial stripper that removes all types of paint.

Methylene chloride based heavy duty industrial stripper.  Used to remove all types of lacquers, enamels, vinyls, polyurethanes and latexes.  Has been successful in the removal of graffiti.  Click here for a detailed product description.


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15 gal. Drum 153   Check Price
30 gal. Drum 306   Check Price
55 gal. Drum 562   Check Price

Stripper 3108 CID is a heavy duty industrial stripper.


Physical State: Liquid gel
Color: Light amber
Density: 9.61lbs./gal.


Stripper 3108 CID may be brushed or sprayed (with airless equipment) onto the surface of the coating to be removed. Allow to stand for 15 to 45 minutes, depending upon the thickness of the coating to be removed. Remove by scraping, brushing or high pressure rinsing.


Stripper 3108 CID is a dangerous material containing Methylene Chloride. Do not take internally. Avoid skin and eye contact. A face shield or chemical goggles and Viton1 gloves should be worn when handling this product. Should contact occur, immediately flush area with large amounts of cold water. If any discomfort persists, seek medical attention. Read relevant Material Safety Data Sheet before handling this product.


Stripper 3108 CID is highly volatile. Bungs must be opened slowly to purge accumulated vapors. Evaporation retarders are incorporated into the formulation. Never use Stripper 3108 CID in a confined area unless adequate ventilation is present or a self-contained breathing apparatus is worn.


Stripper 3108 CID is packaged in 55, 30 and 15 gallon non-returnable drums.

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Did You Know...

Strips paint, lacquer, enamel, vinyl, polyurethane, and latex.

Industrial Paint Stripper 3108 CID is great for removing most types of paint!

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