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3101 Description


Inhibited Sulfamic Acid 3101

A drum of inhibited sulfamic acid blend containing corrosion inhibitors.

Powdered inhibited sulfamic acid blend containing corrosion inhibitors and wetting agents designed to descaler heat transfer surfaces.  Sulfamic acid is recommended for the cleaning of plate exchangers such as those offered by Multistack, Mueller, Alfa Laval, and Trantor Superchanger Click here for a detailed product description.


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Inhibited Sulfamic Acid 3101 is a powdered sulfamic acid blend with corrosion inhibitors and wetting agents designed for cleaning heat transfer surfaces.


Inhibited Sulfamic Acid 3101 is used as a descaler for either boiler water, cooling water or heat exchange systems. Formula 3101 can be used to clean a cooling water system while in operation or the condenser can be isolated. Optimum results are obtained when boiler water is heated to 120-150 F for on-line cleaning.


Physical State: Powder
Color: Pink
pH (1% Solution): 1.3


For cleaning, maintain between a 5% to 10% solution or 40 to 80 pounds of Inhibited Sulfamic Acid 3101 per 100 gallons of water in the system. For additional information on product application, contact your industrial cleaners.com representative.


Inhibited Sulfamic Acid 3101 and its solutions are strongly acidic. Do not take internally. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Should contact occur, flush immediately with large amounts of water. If any discomfort persists, seek medical attention. Read relevant Material Safety Data Sheet before handling this product.


Inhibited Sulfamic Acid 3101 is packaged in 400 lb., 300 lb. and 100 lb. non-returnable containers.

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